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Fossil leather wallet with magnetic cash clasp. Inside I keep a couple of bandaids. The magnetic clasp has been used as a stud finder, a compass maker, and a pick up tool.
Great EDC! A carbon fiber aluminum wallet is so great!
Protect bankcard from rfid scanner
With Band-Aid and sterilizers in it.
Look good! But i ordered a carbon fiber minimalist wallet,,?tag=bg999-20 so cool, durable and light.
Fossil flip/fold
Great leather, very slim
this was given to me by my great uncle.
Slim and holds some cash in the clip.
Same as always. Best wallet.
Just a simple stainless steel black watch. I really like Fossil as an affordable watch brand. The added bonus for me is having the date on the face.
I still haven't taken the plunge to debulk my wallet. One day.
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