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I got this as a gift, if come very sharp.I do not carry it on my keys as its about three keys thick.
looks like a key, never withou a knife
Unfortunately recieved a counterfeit knockoff. My friend had this and it was great.
1.5" Blade, Brass Stainless Steel Handle
Can never have too many small, pocketknives.
never without a knife. discreet and easy to carry. love it
My everyday knife. Usually used for opening stuff.
Easy fold and handy knife.
Cool knife however I don’t like the fact it doesn’t lock the blade.
The SOG does lock (I can’t speak to other manufacturers of similar items). To unlock, there’s a lever-button on the side part of the “key”. The open action feels like a Victorinox and I’ve never had it open by accident when dropping my keys - that more I can say for my Kershaw (oops it happens).
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