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Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Reviews

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Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Reviews (43 total)

Tony Duarte ·
I always carry one in my pocket. Keeps my lip well taken care of.
You cant go wrong with burts
Jason ·
Wrapped with Gorilla Tape.
Tyler Condie ·
Lip balm that works well and doesn't smell like Kool Aid. My wife borrows it from me more than I use it but thats fine.
Paul Pearson ·
Love it!
Daniel Griffin ·
I don't leave home without it.
Jon S ·
Who doesn't get chapped lips?
MechanicEightyone ·
Rayray ·
Pink Grapefruit!
Tyler Durden ·
Used to carry around chapstick until someone told me it had a chemical in it that worsened your lips. Regardless of whether or not it was true, I’m glad I made the swap to Burts Bees. The texture, smell, and overall quality are head and shoulders better than any other lip balm brand.
Matt ·
Best. Lip. Balm. Ever. Fight me. Only one I can find with a matte finish.
Cori G ·
Custom copper sleeve with my logo on it
The best.
Sarah Scoular ·
The best lipbalm
Marc Shepard ·
In an aluminum tube
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