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This is an amazing value. I bought it at a gas station in Greece (yes, this is Europe's version of gas station knives) and used it for everything. It has a large, thin blade that makes it ideal for food prep, and I also used it as a fishing knife. I even abused it once (shameful, I know) by using it to pop molluscs off some rocks to use as bait, whereby it was totally submerged in salt water, and it is none the worse for wear, including the stainless blade. Awesome.

It is a bit large for pocket carry although it is light. I would recommend a simple belt sheath, as they are inexpensive and sold on amazon.

Overall, highly recommended outdoors knife for any activity (excluding batonning of course) and is light enough for backpacking. 10/10.
With self-made Tiki carving
My trusty 15y old folder
Sharpest knife for the money
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