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Tiny knife but still very functional. Looks good together with the Kingston DTSE9 USB key, they're about the same size.
Funny that you mention the Kingston because that's exactly what's next to mine.. the Bug.
Light, cute and incredibly sharp. I baby these. Don't carry them much since I expect they would scratch-up quite badly on a key-chain and lose their esthetic appeal. Best on a lanyard around your neck or as earnings.
For my keyring. Lifesaver
The Bug is the smallest knife in innovative cutlery company Spyderco's product line. A razor sharp, go-anywhere slip-joint folder, the compact knife's flat-ground blade is made of stainless steel that holds a keen edge over time, and the handle is also made of satin-finished stainless steel. The end of the handle has a lanyard hole large enough to accept a small chain or key ring.
nice keychain knife