Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen Reviews

From Pilot
Features Pocket Clip
Form Fountain
Ink Color
Material Aluminum
Mechanism Capped


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Fine tip fountain pen.
Fun to use on my logic truth tables. Writes well and is an affordable entry level fountain pen.
Was stolen from me
I've been using mine almost daily for over a year now, never leaves my bag. I have a silver one with a fine nib. It is well built and affordable, and once I upgraded to the screw/plunger ink reservoir (CON-50 Refill Converter) its pretty near perfect. I've been using Noodler's Waterproof Black ink in my EDC notebooks (almost always the 3x5 Leuchtturms, but I've used the pen and ink in Field Notes and Scout Books, too) and I get great results. I experience little to no bleeding or feathering. With archival ink, these notebooks, once filled, will last a long time. I would definitely recommend it for a beginner.
I am delighted with this fountain pen. It's cheap, but it's very well made. Great for begginers who want to switch from ballpoint to fountain pens. I recommend it!