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Streamlight Microstream Reviews

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Streamlight Microstream Reviews (53 total)

Butterfly08 ·
This little fantastic light is great and you have no reason not to carry one. Its so small and the price is so cheap it makes a perfect little edition to any EDCs kit. It is not the strongest in terms of power but the portability factor really makes up for it.
Rob Hutter ·
Fits the bill for a strong, bright, and compact light.
Craig Rockwell ·
Not a fan anymore. I had one, lost it, that was my fault entirely. But the one I ordered to replacement was a cheap, chinese-knockoff sold as the real thing. Then Amazon sent me one to replace it after the button broke. My third one was STILL not the same as the original one that I had and loved. It was, instead, still the low quality of the chinese knock off, but it had the true Streamlight font. Needless to say, I am very disappointed in Streamlight as a brand for the HUGE lack of quality between the first one I purchased and the third one I received, barely 2 years of time in between the two.
Doug ·
Affordable, lightweight, and sturdy with a common battery and a very handy pocket/hat clip, this light would be perfect with just a little more lighting and battery performance. As is, it's good enough that we keep one in every emergency kit we have.
Kirk McGuire ·
I meant my Glocks streamlight with lazer. It’s super tight fitting almost seemless! Nice add on!
Cody Lindeman ·
Great flashlight! Dependable and tough! Only thing can can be improved is the clip.
Emanuel Melendez ·
The streamlight microstream is one of the best edc flashlight out there for several reasons for example the momentary push botton is excellent when you need to light up something quick. Also with its "s" shape clip it comes in handy when you need your hands free. just clip it to the brim of your hat and good to go. Also it uses one aaa battery.
One the best lights to have for your e.d.c. its not an overkill beam of sun ,I admit it would nice if had more than 35 lumens but battery life would suffer
Nemanja Bogdanov ·
Small, discreet, simple and very reliable. No bells and no whistles here, just an all around ideal EDC flashlight.
Efloty ·
Love this little light. Packs a huge punch and I can keep it next to my pen in my shirt pocket.
Amadej ·
USB charged
Jeffrey Elliott ·
Best edc flashlight PERIOD!
Goblue12$ ·
I love it
Gerald Woller ·
Easily pocketed and plenty bright. Hacked with a 10440 battery for extra power.
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