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Affordable, lightweight, and sturdy with a common battery and a very handy pocket/hat clip, this light would be perfect with just a little more lighting and battery performance. As is, it's good enough that we keep one in every emergency kit we have.
I meant my Glocks streamlight with lazer. It’s super tight fitting almost seemless! Nice add on!
Great flashlight! Dependable and tough! Only thing can can be improved is the clip.
The streamlight microstream is one of the best edc flashlight out there for several reasons for example the momentary push botton is excellent when you need to light up something quick. Also with its "s" shape clip it comes in handy when you need your hands free. just clip it to the brim of your hat and good to go. Also it uses one aaa battery.
One the best lights to have for your e.d.c. its not an overkill beam of sun ,I admit it would nice if had more than 35 lumens but battery life would suffer
I remember reading about the Microstream all over the forums when I got into prepping and EDC. One day I saw it right in front of me at a local store. I could barely believe it since in Puerto Rico quality brands are hard to find. I bought without a second thought. It changed my life. No joke. The size, the simplicity, the perfectly practical 45 lumens and the momentary on just made it indispensable in my pocket. The cherry on top has been the reliability. This light has NEVER failed me. It has been run over, soaked and used excessively after Hurricane Maria hit the island. No issues whatsoever. I currently use the USB version, but would trust this one with my life.
Awesome little flashlight, Had this for 2+ years with no issues.
Runs off AAA and gives off a pretty decent beam for what it is... more importantly it's small.
Best EDC Flashlight
Clips to the pocket and the hat! Cree 4 led makes it bright and it's nice it takes a common battery.
I also own a Small Bushnell But these have always been my favorite!
Small and bright with a clip to keep it from getting away.
One of my favorites
Simple and compact.
Stream light for Glock
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