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Awesome photo! What camera do you use?
How do you like the Leatherman Skeletools for Everyday Carry? been looking into them some
Hows the quality of The hanks by hank? Looking for a good hank brand for my carry. Are they durable, soft, stiff??
Nice carry! how do you like the Citizen Avion?? Been checking them out recently and just curious..
I like the OD green as well. I'll probably pick up the red and black here soon. Thanks man!
What do you think of this model gshock? I came so close to buying one the other day.
Cool, thanks for the input
What do you think about Booker? Thinking about a few of their flippers
They are awesome. I have a lot of Trayvax gear and love them all. Lifetime warranty on all their products.
Awesome, you may have just convinced me hahaha
What do you think of the spyderco PM2? I’m thinking about getting the same exact one as this.
Just the gear I have on me when going to Church on Sunday
how do you feel about the ZT 0450? on the fence about it right now