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Amazing Laguiole en Aubrac Wine-Opener in Water Buffalo Horn....A must for any wine Aficionado!! March 26, 2018
Amazing 10 cm Laguiole en Aubrac Knife with African Ebony handle, Mammoth ivory flower Inlay and a Rubi stone. March 26, 2018
Turquoise Laguiole en Aubrac Wine-Opener (Sommelier) March 15, 2018
Mammoth ivory laguiole en Aubrac knife with Hammered Blade (" Brut de Forge") March 15, 2018
Laguiole En Aubrac mammoth Ivory and Ebony wood Knife March 8, 2018
Laguiole en Aubrac Palisander wood burl knife. March 3, 2018

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