Buster's EDC (7)

simple December 2, 2015
Blue Koi October 29, 2015
woods walking October 24, 2015
Black & Chrome October 22, 2015
Creative EDC October 11, 2015
Titanium Goodness October 4, 2015

Buster's Collection (40)

Saddleback Card Wallet
fishbone Piranha
Niobium Koi Filler
Kden iphone case
Nighthaxan's Lime Cutter
Nitecore Titanium Whistle
Rick hinderer xm18 3"
TKMB Titanium Pen
Victorinox Maverick 241432

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Your Chris Reeve Inkosi in the post Titanium Goodness, appears to have a different, darker finish than any I have seen. Is it different or is it just the lighting of the image? Thanks.
Just the lighting