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My daily pack June 7, 2016
An Apple Education Trainer pack up April 24, 2015

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Spare Sony NEX3N Battery NP-FW50 - always useful to have a spare, never needed it yet, the camera is a great battery user!
a-e Various USB adapters; Printer, Micro, Nano, Mini, Extender - always useful when going ‘on site’ where schools / companies may not be tech savvy, or have working kit.
Field Notes Black Edition with White Bulldog clip - used for every meeting, conversation, list I need during the week. I used to use Moleskine Notebooks, but they were too bulk and too nice for scrappy notes. These little beauties are prefect to record qu
An old set of Sony Noise cancelling headphones (bought these over 10 years ago, when at uni and had money) a great pair of in ear buds that cancel noise effectively. Use these daily, after losing them for a few years!
HTC One M8 running GPE Lollipop, O2, with 64gb Micro SD in standard silicone case
Micro fibre cloth (Apple one that came with the MBP) - has never needed cleaning, mainly used to protect the Logitech camera when in my bag.
Google Chromecast
Kanex VGA to HDMI adapter for Apple TV - use all the time for schools with older projectors or monitors
AAA batteries (non rechargeable - for worst case)

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