Evolved's Collection (206)

Foursevens Mini 123
Spyderco Leafstorm
1966 Canadian silver dollar
Custom carved hobo nickel by Valerie Vaughn a.k.a. Goonie
Zippo 12
Karas Kustoms EDK
Zebra F-701
Northwoods Bullet Jack in stag
Carter Cutlery Muteki Wharncliffe knife

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Keep empty coming. What's up next?
Your submissions are awesome!
A fellow Canadian! Wicked EDC's i love the leather & wood combo's you've posted
You have some of the most beautiful pocket knives ive ever seen. I hadn't even heard of Northwoods or great Eastern before your posts. Keep em coming. Also love the way your leather and brass posts look.
Ron you still there? It's been a minute so was just checking in with you.
Ron, what photo equipment, settings do you use. Your shots are top notch.
I use a Samsung Core cell phone, natural light is everything. I process the pics with a photo editor on my lap top. Trying to process on the tiny cell phone screen just doesn't give good results.