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A nice defensive knife for when the gun just ain't enough. Custom Kydex sheath
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Thanks, Joe! I like the B3 because its one of the smallest lightest EDC pens I've used, and at the same time the most multi-purpose.

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Hey Joshua,

Quick question: How'd you get your Vagabond to be so supple? It looks like it's super soft and malleable. Tell me your secret!

Get it used off of eBay. lol. To be honest, it was a graduation gift from my Mother because she knew I loved fine leather goods. Don't be afraid to buy used good leather lasts forever. If you have one already and you want to make it supple, just really break it in, take it on a few more adventures and beat it up. Perhaps the previous owner of my bag had a secret to soften leather, but I suspect they just really used the thing.