Dave's EDC (7)

Urban EDC March 31, 2019
My Everyday Carry March 13, 2019
Old School Tramper February 27, 2019
Travel Photo/Video set up February 26, 2019
A Day in the Urban Jungle February 25, 2019
My Everyday Carry February 20, 2019
A Woodsmans EDC February 20, 2019

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Hi Mr. Canterbury .
Welcome to Everyday Carry! Really cool to have you here! Since you gave me the input, how to make fresh from saltwater, I am a big friend of your series and I think here are gathered some more of them.
Really looking forward getting some more of this kind of education.
Thank you for joining!
Kind regards from Germany,
This is a great site, Dave. Looks like it will help a lot with seeing what other folks are carrying and maybe uses of things we may not think of. I just joined up!
For sure good place to look for reviews on things before you buy as well