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Good to see another high schooler on this site! I go to a public school so I'm jealous you can bring a knife with you. The pen is cool too
I've seriously just been looking for lanyard beads on this site, but wasn't finding much, so thanks for the help.
Where did you get the lanyard beads?
I'll make another post so you can see my whole wallet set-up out soon.
This pocket square is always useful. It looks nice in my navy suit, and It does a good job and keeping screens, sunglasses and watch faces clean.
The carbon steel blade is sharp, sharpens easily, and even develops a nice patina. I love this knife.
You never know when you find yourself on another adventure, or want to remind yourself of where you been.
A gift from a friend when I earned my eagle scout award.
Modded Zebra pen with components from zebra pens F-701 and F-402 and a space pen insert.
I can't bring knives to school, so I can just remove the blade and still carry it like a multi-tool anyway.
For recording workouts and to do lists.

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classy for someone your age. Quite sophisticated. Maybe you could add some capabilities with a one piece multitool like a gerber shard.
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