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new phone who dis September 17, 2016
cofounder | eic | digital nomad edc January 25, 2016
Entrepreneur & Creative Pocket Carry April 9, 2015
Every Day Clothing March 3, 2015
Relaxing Bear November 11, 2014

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Magpul DAKA Bifold Wallet 1 week ago
Evergoods CTB40 Crossover Travel Pack 1 week ago
Nite Ize Runoff Waterproof Pocket 1 week ago
Maxpedition Entity Tech Sling 10L 2 weeks ago
More New Gear from SHOT Show 2019 3 weeks ago
The Best New Gear from SHOT Show 2019 4 weeks ago

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MARATHON WW194003 Men's General Purpose Mechanical Black Watch
Streamlight Nano
Blistex Deep Renewal Lip Balm
The Brooklyn Circus x Ebbets Field Flannels Ball Cap
Eagletac D25C
Gatsby Oil Blotting Sheet for Men
mophie Memory Flex USB-to-Lightning Cable
Everyday Carry T-Shirt

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Hey Bernard, Have you ever thought of writing a little piece about Allett wallets? We've been making slim wallets in the USA since 1995 and would love to get on EDC's wallets page!
Please check out ieltslider. They are posting all kinds of BS, How to get fake IDs etc..
Hi Bernard - should I contact someone directly to report website issues, or is the comments section ok? Thanks.
Hi L, you can use this form to reach us:


You are WAY overdue for a pocket dump. Let's see your EDC!

Thank you!
You are totally right! I've been traveling because of trade shows but when I'm back in the saddle I'll put something together.

Jist a heads up. Check a out accounts Sarah and Railliejoskal. Both are posting BS completely unrelated to EDC. Thanks!
Hello Bernard, Just wanted to say thanks for the great site and work you guys do.
I am hopeful I can stand up on here - possibly inspire, or help others... I am sure I have annoyed a few already. ('Newbie, rookie, moves') I am still getting the hang of it all. Thanks, again!
Hey Bernard,

Just want to say how much I love your site and thank you for the giveaways...I have found so much cool gear here. Best wigs for the future
That was best wishes auto

Please,please, please start a column for EDC members to review gear. I believe it would allow others to feel more connected with EDC to see guest columnist from the ranks. There could be Rookie to Guru articles and reviews. Just an idea that I believe would be helpful and popular by given those on EDC a voice.
Just out of curiosity. How many have reached Guru here on EDC?
hi I have something to ask you.

In this web page, You said that you put a 15 inch laptop into the DSPTCH Waist Bag, and from the DSPTCH homepage, you can put a 10 inch tablet in this bag. Can you put a 15-inch laptop in that bag?
Hi Ji Woong, the 15" laptop went into the Sling Bag, not the Waist Bag. You can't put a laptop in the Waist Bag, it's too small. Personally, I recommend the Sling Bag as it's more comfortable to me.
Hi Bernard, I am impressed with what you and your team has accomplished, please keep going & more power! As a EDC product developer myself, I wanted to have an EDC that is truely functional, durable and simple. I developed an edc that is extremely small, more than 30 functions and I adopted the highest possible grade of steel with a tensile strength of 138,000 psi or 950MPa. Will it be possible to review my edc product? I will be willing to sent you a sample prototype. please visit or visit GI-Key Worlds Most Compact & Highly Functional Key Tool Thanks a lot Cheers :-)
Hi Bernard, I enjoyed your article, 'What's the Best Material for an EDC Wallet?' - could you tell me the brand+make of the brown flip wallet in the Leather EDC wallets image? Thanks!
Hey mdini, it's a Rugged Material bifold. I believe if you click on the image itself in that section of the article, it should take you to an Amazon page of that wallet so you can buy one. Hope this helps! Thanks for reading
Bernard, I hate to do it again. But... checkout learnittechno. learnittechno is blatantly using EVERYDAY CARRY as a free advertising platform for online education and absolutely nothing related to EDC. Gotta keep it legit or well have snake oil salesmen posting their wares.
Thanks for the heads up. I took care of it! They knew when mods are sleepin' I suppose
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