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new phone who dis September 17, 2016
cofounder | eic | digital nomad edc January 25, 2016
Entrepreneur & Creative Pocket Carry April 9, 2015
Every Day Clothing March 3, 2015
Relaxing Bear November 11, 2014

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Machine Era Field Pen Twist 1 week ago
Magpul DAKA Window Pouch 1 week ago
DSPTCH Fidlock Keychain Set 2 weeks ago
Trending Gear: February 2019 3 weeks ago
Magpul DAKA Bifold Wallet February 16, 2019
Evergoods CTB40 Crossover Travel Pack February 14, 2019

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MARATHON WW194003 Men's General Purpose Mechanical Black Watch
REFRACTORY Carbon Fiber Ring
Apple iPhone 6S Plus
mophie Powerstation 1x
Obstructures Pry tool
poddities iPhone 6 Anchor Attachment Point
MAKR Slim Zip Wallet in Charcoal Latigo
DSPTCH Paracord Camera Wrist Strap Matte Black
Rilakkuma Keychain

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Hello, I have tried to enter the EDC contest however whenever i try to log in for the entry it says i am using an incorrect password. Any ideas? I have already tried resetting password and using a new one, still a no go.
i have the same problem!
Kevin and Miguel, I have looked into it personally and it appears the "Email" entry option for the giveaway widget refers to the email used to create an account with Lockerdome, the giveaway service provider, and not our site. I understand it can be an inconvenient step but if you want a chance at the giveaway, create a Lockerdome account and try that email + password, not the EDC one. If it's still giving you issues please let me know and I'll talk to Lockerdome to sort this out. Thanks for your interest and taking the time to reach out!
Hey Bernard,

Just curious....have you ever approached Altoids in regards to sponsorship?

Must be the one item I see the most frequently on here.

Hey Cam, that's actually kinda funny — and you're absolutely right. Even my cofounder pops those mints like a fiend. I'll look into it!
Bernard, as a new member I'd just like to thank you and your team for putting together such a robust resource for the EDC community. I must admit I strayed from the blog a couple of years ago but am pleased to return to the socialised version as it stands, taller and more interesting than ever.
Thanks for the kind words, James! I'm glad the new site is proving resourceful. New members like you are what make our community strong — glad to have you around.
Thanks Bernard — I look forward to contributing.
hello mr. editor, i just wanna say, keep up the good work, i really enjoy your website. been an avid fan of the site way back when it was only a simple blogsite. o by the way, your last name sounds like you are filipino, are you filipino?
Hey Julius! Thanks for the kind words. I'll keep working hard to make the site enjoyable. I really appreciate you reading along for all this time. And yes! I'm full Filipino, but born in Los Angeles.
Bernard, your hair has taken a turn for :-)
lol thanks but i got it cut again, back to the miami techbro undercut
Hi Bernard, saw the post on The Utilitarian and love the minimalism aspect. Would love it even more if you'd check out and consider this as a candidate for the 'ultra minimalist' in the future. It's a wallet that holds 5-6 cards plus cash, and only weighs 4.2 grams and is 1.7 millimeters thick. At $15 for made in the USA durability - it's a minimalist price! Thanks for any consideration!
Hey Bernard, I've submitted my EDC and it has linked some items to irrelevant websites. I dont know if there is anything you can do about it, but if you do just change them please!
Thank you Mr. Capulong. Great site. High speed, low drag!
Hey Bernard... Thanks again for upgrading this site. I don't post very often, but I'm here almost everyday lol. And was wondering if you can give me a hand? I'm looking for a backpack, that looks professional (not tactical) that I can carry to the office everyday. In black or dark brown that would hold my iPad, my leather notebook, a light jacket and some random little edc items. Not looking for a messanger bag because I don't like the way they sit on my motorcycle. I have the maxpedition k.i.s.s. and it carries everything I need. Just want something new and less tactical. Maybe it could be featured as your next give away ;) Thanks!
Hi, I personally like the Brenthaven Collins convertible backpack, it looks neat and professional. Maybe you'll find it interesting.
Looked into these... They look great. Might have to put some thought into them. Thanks Javier
Thank you for putting this here Bernard, I am so happy that we have a website where we can gather up and discuss about EDC's, I am rookie in EDC's but getting mature slowly. I hope I will get good information here as this is already looking very resourceful.
Thanks again & Cheers!
Great site. You pinoy?
Hi Martin,

I'm Filipino-American, born and raised in Los Angeles! Thanks for the kind words.
Hi Berard! You have such COOL products on here. I love following them. Would there be a way to submit my travel bags to you for review? I'd love to hear your thoughts. A new one is launching on Kickstarter this fall too :-)

Hello Bernard, thanks for your post about my previous Kickstarter project with wallets.

Now I started new Kickstarter project with money clip and minimalistic wallet.
Seems your ethnicity is filipino? If im right good one bro! btw do they feature traditional filipinogears here in EDC im an immediate fan of EDC good job more power
Yo, you're right! I'm first gen Filipino-American. Not sure what you mean by traditional filipinogears, like balisongs? Those are illegal in many places so we don't necessarily "feature" them too much since many of our readers can't even use one :(
Hey can you throw some suggestions together for me for an hk clip dangler leather key fob. I have seen countless ones in people's posts I like but im looking for one that is both great quality leather yet a bit more affordable than the ones I'm seeing. They're all running from $29-50 bucks are there any you're aware of thatre in the $10 range? EDIT: Nvm found a mini mods video and bought the leather from Michael's and now I'm making my own.
glad you found something, hope it works out! Would love to see a submission with your new project when it's ready too.
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