Jonathan's EDC (4)

Post-vacation bag carry September 9, 2018
SSC EDC August 12, 2016
Event Carry December 4, 2015
EDC November 3, 2015

Jonathan's Collection (55)

Genuine Leather Simple Credit Card Holder
ThruNite Ti3
Marshal Credit Card Holder
Muji Passport Size Notebook
Skilcraft U.S. Government Retractable Ball Point Pen
Gerber Dime
Anker Astro E3
Kershaw Emerson CQC-6K

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Hey buddy,do you have a facebook or instragram that can follow with?
Hey bud, you should really remove your review of the titaner scalpel knife and stop driving traffic toward that thief. The original designer had their design stolen by titaner during the manufacturing process in China. Do the right thing and stop supporting intellectual property theft.
I would like to send you a sample of new ceramic bladed microknife (Stanley style blade)
Lightest possible. Send your address to:
Yea Jonathan been a long term reader of the work you crank out. Would love to send send freebie for you to check out.
Hey man, Send me your mailing address I'll send you a signed slik pikal and some goodies..