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Easy carry edc October 30, 2018
Edc flash light and knife combos. October 27, 2018
Edc October 1, 2018
My Everyday Carry June 28, 2018
This months edc December 5, 2017
Edc October 18, 2017

Juan's Collection (138)

Fisher Space Pen With Clip
Olight S1R Baton
Maxmadco Stainless Steel Bolt Action Pen
James Brand Elko
Olight S10R Baton
Maratac Copper AA
Edc keys
Spyderco Dragonfly2
Niteye MINI-1

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Where did you get the holder for your microstream?
glockcrazz@gmail.com iI found him on instagram. The sheath was $25:00
Hey Im Thinking about buying either the Casio Edifice or the TImex Ameritus, I think that the Timex looks cleaner but im afraid of it because it has a brass case, How well is it holding up compared to the Casio?
The two are great edc watches. Had the Casio for over 3 years and it's still going strong. The timex has been with be for about 7 months and it's works great. I beat the crap out of the two and there going strong. I don't take care of my gear so I can tell you that you can't go wrong with either one.
Got it on eBay. Here's the item number #201165804301
you can also find more beads here. https://www.schmuckatellico.com/
Where did you get that great lanyard bead?
Got it on eBay. Here's the item number 201165804301