Kevin's Favorites (1963)

Satin Carry (08/01/2018)
Everyday Carry
Nostalgia EDC
One bag to you want fries with that sir?
Post jobsite visits black and blue pocket dump.
Skywatcher EDC
IT Programmer Analyst EDC
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10 Best 18650 Flashlights for Everyday Carry 2018
Black on Black + Some Color
Daily Carry
Whoah, looks like lesser restrictions than the USA!
August 2018 EDC
Your carry is the definition of practicality itself. Love the watch and the knife.
August 2018 EDC
Sweet set up
August 2018 EDC
Vacation in the Mountains

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Hey Kevin, I appreciate you taking the time to help keep up the quality of our recent submissions when the mods are asleep! Thanks so much.
Hey Bernard, thank you for your kind words! I'm glad if I can be of any help. Good to see those posts removed from this awesome website! Let me know, if I should continue my persecution of ad-posts ;-)
Hi Kevin,
greetings from Germany to Switzerland, and thanx for the likes!
Kind regards, Chris
no worries, mate