Kevin's Favorites (1989)

Pilot G2 Retractable Pen
Early Black Friday 2018 EDC Deals Happening Right Now
Which one haha I made them all
Fancypants Dump
Nice, very nice.
October 2018 EDC
5 Best EDC Lights Under $50 in 2018
An urban office slave EDC
Travel Pocket carry
Today's EDC
Trending Gear: October 2018
Blacked Out Minimalist
EDC on a budget
Devil's Night Carry
Easy carry edc
Workplace EDC.
Everyday Carry

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Hey Kevin, I appreciate you taking the time to help keep up the quality of our recent submissions when the mods are asleep! Thanks so much.
Hey Bernard, thank you for your kind words! I'm glad if I can be of any help. Good to see those posts removed from this awesome website! Let me know, if I should continue my persecution of ad-posts ;-)
Hi Kevin,
greetings from Germany to Switzerland, and thanx for the likes!
Kind regards, Chris
no worries, mate