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Anyone know if that Parker is actually gold plated or is it just brass plated/some other metal?
Who makes that brass pen?
on Holidays by Seba
440A still has appropriate applications, like dive/saltwater-resistant knives. But for this, I agree.
Looks hollow ground. For a cleaver, would prefer a V or convex grind. Any suggestions?
I prefer the brass. *germophobe*
A little wine with all your meals is a very European thing. I'm sure the corkscrew sees a lot more use over there than it does stateside.
Thanks for the tip.
on Zippo from Zippo
Does the rocket fly?
What happened to the pikal version?
Has that Zebra F-402 been modified? It looks different.
Have you had any problems with bacterial growth in your Alfred Lane cologne? After using mine for a few days, my tin looked like a damn, fuzzy petri dish.
Just FYI, they're called solid lugs. And I agree, much more secure than pins.

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