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Could I have some info on the knife that’s ontop of the bag in the second picture!?
How does one get their hands on this watch. It seems impossible to find. When did you buy?
Tell me about the phone!? - do you still reach for the smartphone every 10 mins!?
How do I get my hands on the LionSteel!??
Dude, how do you feel about the knife?
How was your experience buying the Rolex. I’ve been trying to get my hands on one but there doesn’t seem to be stock anywhere in Australia
Love the watch man....gotta get one.
Can I get some details on that watch???
Nice watch mate!
been sitting on the fence with this watch brand for ages!.....are you happy with your purchase??
so this is just an overpriced Nato Strap?
You're right mate!! It's looks great!
Can we get the correct reference on this knife!?
hows the comfort and quality on your bluetooth buds? cheers.

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