Nate's EDC (6)

EDC-To-Go January 12, 2019
Carrying The Blues October 2, 2018
Mixed Metal & Fabric Travel EDC February 23, 2017
"Our business is life itself." December 15, 2016
How Many Walkers Have You Killed? December 14, 2016
"Acting Out Of Turn" EDC December 13, 2016

Nate's Collection (43)

True Utility Cash Stash
Victorinox Belt Hanger
Apple Watch Series 3
Declan Microfiber Handkerchief/Pocketsquare
KeySmart Pro with Tile Compact Key Holder
Gerber US1
Quikoin Original Oval Sof-Touch Squeeze Coin Purse Made in USA (Navy)
Rite in the Rain All-Weather Mini-Stapled Notebook, 3 1/4" x 4 5/8", Blue Cover, Universal Pattern, 3 Pack (No. 271FX-M)
SEGADEN Silicone Cover Skin Jacket fit for CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP Remote Key CV4751 Deep Blue

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Tim, Now that the post is down I can speak more freely. I screencapped it and loaded it in a photo editor on my phone. From there I did enlarge it, increased the brightness and upped the contrast a tad and the numbers popped right out. You must have used a somewhat transparent marker tool or something that allowed for this. I did it as an exercise to see if I could make it out.

I figured you wanted to protect the card number or to wouldn’t have attempted to black it out. In any case, I assumed it was an honest mistake, but it wouldn’t have been right to just not tell you. I like your gear though!