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That Toyota truck isn't made in the USA!!! :)
on 'Merica by Tara
A lady of impeccible taste, and after my own heart!
Nice, classy set-up. I dig the keyring and the leather goods.
What kind of vintage Ford do those keys go with?
I was thinking about the car keys.
What kind of vintage Toyota to you have?
No doubt! I had a '98 Taco 4x4 with the 22re. Then a Sienna (kids) Now a 4Runner Limited v8 4wd. I'm going to see how long I can keep it!
What kind of Toyota is it? I can tell from the key it's old school!
Where did you get that lanyard attached to your car key fob?
Ron, can you post a link for the exact type of Sno-seal you use on your wallet? I've finally decided to pull the trigger!!! Thanks!

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