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Work load out January 12, 2018
My current Every day bag October 20, 2017
2017 EDC UPDATE March 30, 2017
My new edc October 17, 2016
My real edc bag. August 29, 2016
My edc July 15, 2016

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Zebra F-301
Field Notes Pitch Black Edition
Leatherman Micra
Voodoo Tactical Pouch
Anker Astro E1
Light my Fire Spork
Kershaw Knockout
5.11 RUSH Delivery Lima
Motorola DTR550 Portable Digital Radio

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Good day Ken, it would be interesting to have your insight as to what you carry in more detail. Personal survival kit as an example. I get the Bible, water bottle etc.
Thank you.
The personal survival kit has: water proof matches x4, flint steel, 1” & 2” duct tape wrapped around an old card, bic lighter, chap stick, a compass thermometer combo and a packet of hand cleaner towellets.