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No problem man. Hope you find you a good one.
Thanks man. Yea CAO is a helluva brand. The Brazilia is my favorite cigar nowadays.
That sticker or patch is freaking hilarious. So true. I find myself saying just that these days.
Hell yea. Sounds good to me.
Sorry man I don't have any kind of social media unless you count this one as social media. What kind of stuff do you make?
Thanks man. I got that off eBay. It was a lot of 3. Never been able to find another one.
Yea man. I love the idea of having an AR that takes Glock mags. My main carry gun is a glock 19. I feel like it would be a great system.
on in the shop by DB
I freakin hate this bullshit.

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Thanks for the like!
Hi Justin. Thanks for the like!