Robert's EDC (30)

Ackie Carry August 7, 2018
Christmas Colors Carry December 18, 2017
Classy Carry November 14, 2017
Prime Time November 14, 2017
Classy Carry October 17, 2017
New Phone Carry September 12, 2017

Robert's Collection (35)

550 Paracord
habano757: CAO Pipe Tobacco Tin,Moontrance 1.76oz
Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip for Zero Tolerance Knives
Saddleback Leather Wallet Sleeve
Zero Tolerance ZT0301
Eclipse Glasses
HAPI HDSLIMCMJ Steel Tongue Percussion Hand Drum - C Major with FREE padded travel bag
CRKT 9130 Viva Keychain Multi-Tool
UEB Titanium Alloy Rattlesnake Hanging Buckle,Portable EDC Quickdraw Key Ring

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Do you make the necklaces? And would you make one?
Hello Robert, my name is Leesah. Are you interested in talking about your shamanic practice?
Hi Leesah, It's more or less a way of life, interaction with all things, this world and the spirit world. Let me know if you have questions.
Hi Richard, I would have to see if I could find the lava rock beads, been many years, but still have my tools and knowhow.