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Current EDC
Personal edc set @lerenardcosmique
Everything but keys
BigiDesign Ti EDC Wrench
Handcrafted EDC accesories from Barcelona
Vacation in the Mountains
At Work Carry
I gotta get a lizard in my edc too ;) cool photo !
Ackie Carry
Cool photo!
Ackie Carry
Current Leather/Wood themed EDC
Light carry EDC
Shark Week EDC
Weekend Carry 5/12/18

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Do you make the necklaces? And would you make one?
Hello Robert, my name is Leesah. Are you interested in talking about your shamanic practice?
Hi Leesah, It's more or less a way of life, interaction with all things, this world and the spirit world. Let me know if you have questions.
Hi Richard, I would have to see if I could find the lava rock beads, been many years, but still have my tools and knowhow.