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You would think they might tell you what the blade steel is.
I can't get round the proportions of that Benchmade. The handle looks like it was made for a blade far bigger.
What is all that stuff on the front of the RX1?
Quite a jump from 1 to 300 lumens. Could have done with a level in between.
Ebony looks good on the Dom.
No keychain possibility is a no go for me.
Good job on the sheath!
The 5L is too small for me but thanks for the heads up on the 10L. I don't know how I've never seen that before. Very definitely on the wish list!
That Griffin pouch is a very good idea, just bought one to replace an altoids type tin I had been using prior. Thanks!
Really nice work on the leather!
Oh cool, I think you are right about the Orion following on from the Nexus. Great pen in any case!
Are you sure that's not the Namisu Orion? I have one also. There is no such thing as the Namisu Nexus as far as I can see from their website.

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Hey Ben! As a fellow resident of the Holy Land, I see that you have your bulky Mul-t-lock keys on your Keysmart. How is that working for you? I bought a cheap one from AliExpress and it works ok but the keys stick a lot. I was wondering if the real one handles the fat key heads better.
I have the extended version of the Keysmart. It allows you to tuck the bulky keys in and then using spacers (due to their size) fit in your other keys. You need more extension posts than usual but it works. I can't post a picture here showing the side view of the keys. Not sure you want to post an email address or something? Or get me via my website