Ben's EDC (13)

Quick pocket dump December 3, 2018
Modern old. December 24, 2017
Pocket Carry. August 31, 2017
Quiet Day at Home August 29, 2017
Off to a wedding. August 29, 2017
Going for a stroll in the woods at sunset. August 7, 2017
Just another day... July 31, 2017
Trip to Scotland July 26, 2017
EDC two years ago. July 24, 2017
Keychain July 21, 2017
Minimalist suit carry. July 5, 2017
Recuperating at Home Carry June 27, 2017
EDC June 22, 2017

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Hey Ben! As a fellow resident of the Holy Land, I see that you have your bulky Mul-t-lock keys on your Keysmart. How is that working for you? I bought a cheap one from AliExpress and it works ok but the keys stick a lot. I was wondering if the real one handles the fat key heads better.
I have the extended version of the Keysmart. It allows you to tuck the bulky keys in and then using spacers (due to their size) fit in your other keys. You need more extension posts than usual but it works. I can't post a picture here showing the side view of the keys. Not sure you want to post an email address or something? Or get me via my website