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Got to love ol' Flashy :)
Like the style, love the boots!
Great Carry I could look at that knife all day also love your selfmade Items especially the ENIGMA!
How do you like that pen my friend? I have got my eye on the bronze version.
Cool kerel, een Mighty Wallet van een pondje!
Cooler than cool it's ICE cold!! Love that pen and knife!
Good one Marcus! Whisky and beer, you've got to love the Scandinavians! Skal my man!
Just ordered an Autumn Harvest Russlock thanks for the info!
Wow, wow and wow!!! A slamdunk!
I like this a lot, you can just feel that you love the stuff you laid out!
A knife, a hank and a watch! Classic and perfect! Great picture

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Troop leader calling Raven aka Longshoreman from Antwerp, drop me a note via ; greetz, S.