Lord's EDC (28)

Scurge of the Mecklneburg Greenway May 10, 2019
Ti EDC September 15, 2018
Hoodlum EDC August 24, 2018
Micro EDC August 16, 2018
North Carolina Day Tripping EDC August 11, 2018
Light Duty EDC July 21, 2018

Lord's Collection (110)

Zippo Copper
Rick Hinderer Investigator Pen Copper
SOG Multi-Tool PowerPint Pocket Knife: 18 tools, 5", 2 Blades, Awl, Scissors, Line Cutter, Pliers, Can/Bottle Opener, File, Screwdrivers, Jewelry
U Wing hank MinutemanFabrication
Casio Men's Pro Trek Outdoor GPS Resin Sports Watch, Color: Black & Indigo Blue (Model WSD-F20A-BUAAU)
Easy Roller Dice Co. Cursed Copper Metal D20 Dice - Single 20 Sided RPG Dice
1pc Classical Skull Fob Solid Brass key chain ring hook wallet clip Biker Punk
Klecker Stowaway iPhone 6 Case
Tops Knives C.A.T. (CAT) #203 Covert Anti-Terrorism Tanto Point

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I was actually just looking at purchasing one of those German Trench Lighters on Amazon to replace the peanut lighter I recently lost. The peanut lighter had an O-ring that allowed the cap to seal well enough to keep the lighter fluid from evaporating. I couldn't tell from the reviews how long yours would keep fluid. There's often up to 4-6 weeks between my uses. The peanut would still have fluid and light. Will yours?