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Meant to correct myself, it’s a Machine Era brass pen, carried on Massdrop or amazon.
One of my first front pocket wallets. It lasted me but ran out of room.
My second Dango wallet. I love this wallet and I didn't need to upgrade but its an obsession.
My first Dango wallet and the one that started my obsession. Ran out of room though.
Great wallet for someone who takes a lot of notes. Not a lot of space for cards though.
This flashlight is small but yet powerful. Love the directional light head and multi color LEDs for night use.
My favorite pen. Small and sturdy.
Cheap green case from eBay since Apple discounted their green case. :-(
Love this little guy. Three settings for brightness.
So light and rides low in pocket.
Thanks. I carry on my ankle. The grips are Altamont grips.
Love this little mechanical pencil. Its light and thin.
By far my favorite everyday pocket knife. Slim and light.
The iPad air 2 has proven to be a trusty everyday item. No more, no less.
Love this backpack. Small but has a ton of compartments. Also includes a rain cover.

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