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Why two knives ?
"lol big watch big phone fancy pen" edc carrier spotted
First tk since soooo much time, while it should be in every one Thanks !
At last, a real edc not reduced to "lol big watch big phone fancy pen". Do you have a tourniquet in the first aid pouch ?
The "lookatmybigwatch" edc style
Ok. The point of view is nice for eyes, but if you want to study the objects it's a real pain :(
What's the name of the earphones pouch please ?
EDC = EveryDay Carry. So an EDC for everyday is a little redundant. But nice one anyway, i love the gnome
I love this. So if you lose your phone, the guy get the credit card in bonus and he can validate his purchases online. How kind
Thanks for making me discover this beautiful and FR legal knife
Ok just found on google. Never knew about this !
Hey, what is the utility of the "begleri" ? I can't guess :/
Gosh i bought the same knife sheath from China on Ebay yesterday xd
For everything, really ?

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