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RovyVon Aurora A1x

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Mon Garcia
RovyVon Aurora A1x

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The RovyVon Aurora series of keychain lights have made their mark on the EDC community as robust, fully-featured lights that are compact, practical, and easy to integrate into you daily carry. Different models like the Aurora A8 provide a surprising amount of features and output not usually seen from lights of this size, but RovyVon is not one to rest on its laurels. We take a look at the Aurora A1x, an upgraded version of their original keychain light, the A1, to see how they made a pioneering light even better for a modern EDC.

The first thing you notice on the A1x is its the new power button. It’s a clicky side e-switch that now has a smaller surface area that prevents accidental activation. The switch itself also serves as a lighted indicator to check if your voltage dips below usable levels. Aside from the smaller size, a double-click to turn it on ensures deliberate activation. Once on, it uses memory mode to default to your last-used output setting, and you can cycle through the light’s four output levels with a single click: a useful Moonlight mode for preserving night vision, and the usual Low, Medium, and High output modes. Pressing and holding the button down when the light is off gives you access to a momentary High mode, useful for when you need to cut through the darkness in a hurry. For those looking for a Strobe mode from the original, you can now access one on the A1x via three quick presses from any mode, but thoughtfully not included in the normal mode cycle.

You still have the option of a cool white Cree XP-G3 LED for a maximum output of 650 lumens on the A1x, or a warmer tinted Nichia 219C LED that maxes out at 450 lumens in exchange for top tier color rendering at 90+ CRI. With either LED option you have boosted output levels over the original Aurora A1, made possible with a change to the internal rechargeable battery. The new model’s micro USB-charging 330mAh lithium-polymer battery upgrades the older 130mAh one, allowing the A1x higher output and runtime. A charging time of 90 minutes give you over 75 minutes on High and 30 hours of Moonlight mode on the Cree LED, and over 90 minutes of High and 32 hours of Moonlight on the Nichia. Its battery indicator also notifies you not to overcharge with a solid blue light when it’s finished charging.

All these new features are packed into a familiar form factor that features an IPX66-rated, weather-resistant polyamide casing that will withstand the splashes and knocks of everyday use. At 2.38" long, 0.61" wide, and 0.59 ounces, it’s slightly bigger and heavier than the older version, but remains compact and just as portable, planting it squarely in the keychain light category. The pocket clip is upsized to match the new chassis, and retains the same reversible two-way design that lets you clip the A1x to your pocket or gear, as well as use it as a mini headlamp when clipped onto your hat’s brim.

The Aurora A1x is a worthy part of RovyVon’s lineage of feature-rich keychain lights. The small tweaks in design, simplified interface, and the battery upgrade make for a more powerful EDC light that’s as easy as ever to carry. Take your pick between the cool white Cree LED version or the high CRI Nichia 219C variant at the link below.

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White Knight ·
I've recently received seven RovyVon flashlights. Most for gifts, especially as they had an ace sale of older versions. 5x A1's, can't be bad. But when choosing a keyring light for myself, I selected the new Aurora A5x GITD Keychain Flashlight (Upgraded). Much improved battery and a worthwhile investment, albeit a tad larger. Still fits on my keyring like a king-ring.