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This week's Wallet Wednesday mention goes to the Trayvax Ascent, a built-to-last minimalist wallet that's made in the USA from a mix of quality materials. Its stainless steel plate frame gives structure and strength to the wallet, while jimping along the edges ensure a firm grip. Top-grain, oil-tanned leather that's bolted to the frame and stitched by hand make up the rest of the wallet. There's a cut-out window on the front of the wallet for at-a-glance identification of your cards that doubles as a thumb slot to push and slide everything out with ease. The combination of steel and quality leather offer the best of both materials' worlds: durability plus a comfortable, luxe handfeel that gets better as it's broken in. You can fit a card or two in its quick-access slot, while its main compartment can stash three to four cards or folded cash. A nylon pull tab makes accessing cards in the main compartment that much easier. Finally, an attachment point in the steel frame allows for tether or lanyard options for a more secure carry. And like the rest of Trayvax's lineup of carry goods, the Ascent is backed by a 65-year heirloom warranty. Check it out in all its color combinations at the link below.

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Trayvax Ascent

When it comes to Trayvax's wallets, there is strength in simplicity. Their latest wallet, the Ascent, is their slimmest wallet yet, built with minimalists in mind with the high-quality fit and finish they're known for. By using the best materials and solid construction, even a simple combination of metal and leather becomes a rugged partner for life.

The Ascent uses hand-stitched, top-grain, oil-tanned leather that develops a patina and fit unique to its contents and user over time. While at first it appears tough and inflexible, like all their wallets, even just a few days with your essentials in tow will be enough to mold it into a wallet all your own. The Ascent can fit 1-2 cards in its quick-access front slot, while 3-4 cards or folded cash can fit in its rear section, accessible with a nylon pull tab. Those familiar with Trayvax's wallets will also appreciate the stainless steel plate the leather is bolted on to, giving the wallet structure and grip thanks to jimping gracing its sides.

Trayvax's made-in-the-USA wallets are built to last, even having generous lifetime warranties to ensure quality and satisfaction for an essential everyday item. Pick one up in one of four colors from Amazon at the link below.

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Ascent Survivor Watch

Two items familiar to many EDCers are watches and paracord. The former is a staple for telling time and delivering information. The latter, one of the most useful things you can add to your carry. It's not uncommon to see paracord used as a strap, but adding a full set of survival tools to a single package worn on your wrist? Now we're talking.

Ascent Survival out of St. Louis, MO understand the need to have essential tools close at hand but out of the way. With the Survivor, they've created a watch that gives you 5 handy outdoor tools for your weekend adventures, and paired it with a reliable movement in a rugged case for your daily timekeeping. The Survivor comes with a compass, emergency whistle, ferrocerium rod, and striker integrated into its 4.5' 550 paracord strap. Its movement is a Miyota 2145, a dependable quartz found in many popular Japanese brands. The movement is stored in a 48mm steel case water resistant up to 50 meters.

A reliable timepiece with useful tools — the Ascent Survivor meets the needs of the everyday excursion. There's plenty of time to back the Survivor itself or the survival strap separately at the Kickstarter link below.

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