Black Ember Citadel Waterproof Backpacks

Sometimes just the tools in your pockets are enough to get through the day, but other times you might find yourself needing to carry more. Whether you’re commuting to work every day or headed for a weekend trip out of town, a good bag can go a long way with keeping your expanded EDC organized. To take it to the next level, Black Ember designs their sleek, urban EDC bags with all-conditions durability in mind. Their Citadel Collection of waterproof urban bags has something for any kind of EDC, whether you pack light or need to dial in your kit with modular, expandable storage.

Most bag companies try to design a bag by guessing what you'll use it for, but Black Ember gives you endless options with the Modular Pack. The 25L bag is compatible with Black Ember's entire range of add-ons, or “mods.” This means that adding another compartment for clothing or a few smaller pockets for essentials is as easy as snapping on the correct mod via magnetic Fidlock hardware. You can even add a DSLR mod for keeping your camera accessible and safe on long trips. If you prefer to keep things streamlined, there’s also the 25L Citadel Minimal pack. It trades the modular mounting hardware for a discreet look and lighter weight, perfect for those of you who already have a minimal, consistent setup.

To perform as truly waterproof packs, they're made from a durable 800D Micro-Hex textile that's laser cut then bonded at the seams to achieve an IPX06 waterproofness rating. Water-resistant YKK AquaGuard zippers keep your gear conveniently accessible. And a clamshell opening allows you to see all your gear laid out in front of you. It’s not just the construction and hardware that makes these bags so accessible either. Internal organization is top-notch, giving you enough space to pack what you need while also providing dedicated spots for smaller gear like pens or sunglasses that’s easy to misplace when you’re in a hurry. Multiple carry handles, 3D contoured shoulder straps and hip-belt compatibility ensure a comfortable carry, even under a bigger load.

Whatever you’re looking for in a bag, chances are one of these options will cover all your bases and then some. Make sure to check it out for yourself by clicking the link below.

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Aer Go Collection

It's easy to organize your essentials in a daypack, or have the perfect pouch system when you're on your regular commute, working the daily grind, or frequenting your favorite haunts. But stepping off your usual path can catch you off guard in unexpected ways. This is where Aer's new Go collection comes into play. As the name suggests, these bags help you plan (and pack) when you're trapped between needing to carry just a little bit more than expected and not being able to spare the space for an extra bag or three. All in a package that's a cut above the packable bags you're used to and presented in the sleek and efficient design language Aer's products are known for.

When you think of packable bags, the image that comes to mind is usually an unstructured mess of lightweight material, loose straps, and flimsy zippers, all in pursuit of being as convenient as possible to stow away in the rest of your bags or luggage. But with the goal of using the best possible materials while maintaining functionality, the Go collection recalls features of Aer's other lines while optimally performing as foldable and portable bags.

Each of the bag use 300D Cordura ripstop rather than Aer's usual 1000D or 1680D ballistic nylon, shaving much of the weight while still maintaining excellent resilience and water resistance. Compartments are locked down with YKK zippers, which now feature easy-grip Hypalon zipper pulls, while Duraflex hardware takes care of clasps and buckles. New to Aer is the collection's use of a Fidlock magnetic fastener for each of the bags' quick-access external pockets, providing both convenience and security in one satisfying click.

Whether preparing for unexpected trips to the store or making sure you can take home your travel haul, Aer's Go collection is small in stature but big in features and convenience. Check out the line at Aer's site at the link below.

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The 12 Best Weekender Bags in 2019

Between the daily grind of school or work and all the responsibilities we have to tackle every day, we could all use a break from time to time. And nothing does the trick like a little bit of travel, even for just a weekend. You get to get away from the usual sights and sounds, go on a little adventure, or just find yourself in a new locale to see, eat, or shop for new things. But as EDCers, even for something as simple as a weekend trip is worth preparing for, and that means carrying smart with the right gear.

For your next weekend excursion, consider the weekender bag to haul your essentials. It's the right size for travel (and most will qualify as carry-on luggage), and structured to fit all your travel gear so you don't have to overstuff your EDC daypack or carry a much bulkier check-in suitcase. If you need a good weekender for short haul travel, quick trips, or spring break vacations, look no further. Below are our picks for the 12 of the best weekender bags, duffel bags and carryalls with everyday carry crossover available right now.

BOND Travel Gear Attache 13

Let's face it: a lot of business briefcases just won't cut it for an EDCer. They're generally plain, have a single function (to keep papers and folders in a rectangular enclosure), and are made from a simple combination of leather, plastic, and metal. That's not good enough for the folks at BOND, who make highly functional, versatile, and EDC-focused soft goods. So when it comes to the humble briefcase, their Attache 13 is anything but. With design cues and materials from tactical packs and a function-led approach to organization, it's a bag that ensures an awesome day in, and out of, the office for your EDC.

At its heart the Attache 13 is a slim briefcase that fits and protects a 13” laptop and similarly sized tech. But even starting with its exterior, BOND set out to create something exceptional. Rugged nylon, weatherproof YKK zippers, and Hypalon are materials more commonly associated with tactical bags, but they're used in the Attache 13 to protect your gear. The full clamshell-opening style also takes its cues from travel bags, allowing the Attache 13 to lay flat when open so you can best survey and organize its contents. No more having to fish in the depths of a bag that only opens halfway. A quick-access front pocket, nylon webbing handles and strap, and metal hardware round out its external features.

Speaking of organizing its contents, there's even more design choices inspired by the Attache 13's tactical peers. Opposite the laptop/tech sleeve compartment are no-slip, quick-access loops front and center so you can easily grab lone essentials like pens or cables. These pair with mesh pockets to both keep things from falling out as well as giving you an at-a-glance visual of your gear. Behind these are larger mesh zip pockets for larger items like notebooks or power cables, as well as extra loops for loose essentials like your keys.

The BOND Attache 13 may be overbuilt and overkill for the office, but that's exactly the kind of rugged gear that EDCers appreciate. You can pick one up in black and tan or a black multicam colorway at a huge discount from Amazon at the link below.

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Readers' Choice: Top 3 EDC Bags in 2018

With the new year right around the corner, there's plenty of new gear in store for us to look forward to. But until then, now's a great time to look back on the gear that served us best through 2018. We polled our community in our exclusive Facebook group and asked what their favorite EDC gear was in the past year. In this quick round-up, we're highlighting your favorite backpacks! We've narrowed it down to the top three answers among the community — read on to see what your favorites were, and stay tuned for more gear to come in our Readers' Choice series.

5 EDC Essentials from Veteran-Owned Businesses

November 11th is Veterans Day in the United States. It's a day where we give thanks to the men and women in uniform that have served our country. There are plenty of vet-owned businesses out there, but the ones that specialize in gear are especially relevant to us over at Everyday Carry. These professionals have spent years in the field, and few people out there know what makes a great piece of gear as much as they do. As a way to show our appreciation, we've rounded up some of our favorite Veteran-made goods. Read on to check out some of our favorite picks!

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10 Laptop Bags to Everyday Carry Back to School

It’s that time of year again. Summer is over and school's starting back up. That means writing papers, online assignments, and probably more Netflix than you’d care to admit.

Whether you’re commuting to class or staying on campus, you’re going to need to invest in a solid laptop to get things done. Which means that it may be a smart idea to get a backpack that will not only carry your laptop, but also protect that investment.

Textbooks aren’t cheap, and neither are laptops. If you’re looking for a bag that will make your trips to class just a little easier, these are all great options.

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Aster Commuter Pack

"This smartly designed backpack offers features to make bike rides safer. It’s got front and side profile lights, remote-controlled turn signals and an automatic brake light. It’s weather resistant, offers plentiful gear compartments, and can be splayed open for easy access.…" (via TheAwesomer)

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Maison Impeccable Covert Travel Kit

Chances are, your travel EDC looks a lot different from your day to day kit. So for those times when you’re heading off especially far from home, it’s important to have everything you’ll need at hand. Maison Impeccable’s Covert Travel Kit aims to make packing that perfect setup easier with its EDC-focused versatility and thoughtful organization.

A pouch organizer’s main job is to make sure every item’s in its place, but that can be tough when one size does not fit all when it comes to EDC gear. The Covert Travel Kit addresses this with a system of internal webbing of various sizes. For everything else, there’s two zippered pockets: one made with mesh for visibility, and one behind the webbing for discreetly stashing valuables or other sensitive items.

The kit also features heavy duty nylon construction for durability, as well as MOLLE-compatible straps on its exterior for even more modularity. Whether you use it as a dopp kit, a pouch for electronics, or as your all-in-one EDC, the Covert Travel Kit is designed to handle it all. You can find it at the link below as a standalone reward on Maison Impeccable's Kickstarter for their flagship offering—you guessed it—performance-driven, technical fabric stealth socks.

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Note: This product is part of a Kickstarter project for socks. For more info on the travel kit, you'll have to scroll down to the "Tools of the Trade" portion of the description. To pledge for the pouch alone, look for the reward labeled "The Quartermaster" on the right hand side of the page.

SPIBelt Messenger Bag

You don’t have to be a marathon runner to reap the benefits of carrying a “runner’s belt” for EDC. This style of bag keeps your essentials close without weighing you down or getting in the way, giving you the freedom to move with a full range of motion. While traditional belt bags tend to be too small to use for anything other than pounding the pavement, SPIbelt’s Messenger Bag offers the same functionality with enough storage for travel and daily carry.

This is no fanny pack. Instead, it’s worn cross-body sling style to comfortably haul your essentials. Its main compartment stays streamlined when empty, but can expand to fit larger gear like a water bottle, notebook, tablet, or even a small laptop. For smaller items like your keys, phone, and wallet, there’s a quick-access, expandable zipper pouch built right into the shoulder strap.

It’s made in the USA from Lycra and spandex for a comfortable, lightweight carry. If you value quick and easy access to your EDC, don’t rule out performance athletic gear like this. You can grab an expandable shoulder bag from SPIbelt in black, red, grey, or navy at the link below.

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