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Bertucci A-3P Watch Hands-On Review


In this hands-on, we take a closer look at the Bertucci A-3P Vintage Field Watch. Military-style watches are known for their durability, reliability, and clean design. The high level of utility and ease of wear make them ideal candidates for the perfect everyday watch. Does the A-3P meet these criteria? Read on to find out how it stands up to EDC use.

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Bertucci A-2T Vintage Titanium Watch

It’s no secret that we at Everyday Carry are huge fans of military style watches. This offering from Bertucci packs high-end features into a stylish and affordable watch. The A-2T boasts an analog quartz movement with 5-year battery life, sapphire crystal, and titanium construction. Featuring a matte black face and super luminous 12 and 24-hour markings, the A-2T is easy to read in both regular and military time. The case, crown, and screw-in caseback are all constructed from titanium, resulting in a heavy-duty, lightweight watch that’s built to last. Measuring in at 40mm, the A-2T by Bertucci is just the right size for everyday wear. Head over to Huckberry for the full list of features packed into this surprisingly capable timepiece.


My Everyday Carry

Plain Moleskine notebook. 
Rhodia No 13 grid notebook

CRKT M16-12ZER Tanto.
Brown leather bi-fold wallet.
Bertucci A2-T Titanium on a NATO band.
iPhone 4S in an OtterBox Defender case.
Beer opener and Solingen key knife
Mini BIC lighter.

This is pretty much everything I have on me at any given time. No real aesthetic or rhythm, just a bunch of doodads I find work well.

My Everyday Carry

Motorola Droid RAZR HD
Jawbone BT HD
iPod Nano 16GB
Spyderco Creditcard Knife
Aluminum card wallet

w/ money clip
Ralph Lauren Polo lanyard
8GB thumb drive
Cross mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen
Bertucci field watch

I travel a lot, so the knife can’t make it with me as much as I love it, but the everything else is invaluable: I have much, much more, but that kit is reserved the Zombie apocalypse! 

Bertucci 12028 A-2T

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Manufactured using box stitch construction and all metal hardware and grommets Scratch resistant hardened mineral glass crystal

Bertucci Men's 12701 A-2T

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US Patented 40 mm sand blasted matte finish solid titanium case offers extreme durability and lightweight comfort
US patented two ply nylon Bertucci band offers unmatched...