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Capsule Accomplice and Diplomat Review


Slim is in. And for a lot of you, a minimalist wallet is a great asset to your everyday carry. But here's the thing: sometimes, you just need to carry more than your ultra slim wallet can handle.

That doesn't mean you'll need to give up on compact wallets entirely, though. Considering how popular EDC zip pouches are, and the inevitable times when you'll wish you had an easier way to carry loose odds and ends, a zip wallet—when done right—makes a lot of sense for everyday carry.

Capsule, known for their well-executed Minimalist Wallet and its signature Cash Strap, launched two new zippered wallets on Kickstarter recently: the Accomplice and the Diplomat. And they are thin. 

Today, I'll give you my hands-on impressions of the wallets so you can decide for yourself if a zip wallet design is what your EDC's been missing.

Capsule Blackout Minimalist Wallet

Minimalist wallets are great for getting rid of uncomfortable pocket bulge, but they’re not perfect. The most inconvenient part about these wallets is taking out the tiny origami-like cash you’ve folded up to fit inside. Capsule aims to eliminate the issue with their premium full-grain leather Blackout Wallet. The unique CashStrap design allows you to easily store and access bi-folded bills, speeding things up at checkout. There’s also an integrated slot on the other side for two of your most used cards, and a top sleeve that holds up to four more. Capsule proves that a minimalist wallet doesn’t have to be minimal on features, looks, or construction. Pick one up at Huckberry to slim down your carry with style.


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Capsule Wallet

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