MecArmy EH3 EDC Carabiner

If you're going to be carrying keys anyway, you might as well make the most of your keychain setup. The quick and easy way to maximize the utility of your keychain is with a multi-functional carabiner. MecArmy's EH3 is one of the newest EDC-focused carabiners on the market. Its solid feature set, premium materials, and EDC-oriented design make it a compelling piece of kit on its own or as the missing link to complement the rest of your keychain carry.

To give the EH3 the strength needed for its tools without weighing it down, it's CNC-machined out of C4 titanium. Its impressive strength to weight ratio gives it durability you'd want on a tool that's carrying something as important as your keys and backup gear. A barely-there weight of 0.645 ounces and a 2.84 inch total length makes it effortless to carry, especially if you prefer a back pocket tuck for the added security and reduced noise of a jingly keychain.

When it's not being used to carry keys, it can handle a surprising amount of everyday tasks. At the business end is a pry bar that can also work as a screwdriver and a nail lifter in a pinch. Moving up, there's a slot for a keyring or cordage, as well as a bottle opener built-in to the spring gate section. Last but not least, a multi-size hex wrench makes quick work of nuts and bolts. If you're looking for a simple keychain that does more than carry your keys, the EH3 might do the trick. Check it out in closer detail at the link below.

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HALO Carabiner

Ti2 — the masterful metalworkers out of Hawaii — have shown that there's utility to be squeezed out of something as simple as a metal hook. Their latest product is the HALO, a collaboration between Ti2's Mike Bond and knifemaker Jesper Voxnaes. On the surface, it's a collection of colorful carabiners, but a closer look reveals a capable tool worthy of your carry.

The HALO series doesn't use cheap, flimsy metals. The carabiners are made from grade 5 titanium for fantastic strength-to-weight ratio, Tellerium copper for that timeless patina, high-strength 614 alloy bronze, and the rare zirconium with its unique and desirable finish. These materials let the HALO become a prized addition to even the most exotic EDCs.

Its titanium gate comes anodized to match its body's material, and can be ambidextrously opened for ease of attachment. The HALO's full-sized outer frame comes with generous jimping for an improved grip. This is especially helpful when using its bottom pry edge, which comes hollow-milled for strength in cutting, chiseling, and similar tasks. It also has two keychain attachment points to accommodate all your carry configurations.

A carabiner is just a carabiner, right? Wrong, as the HALO shows — it can also be the most useful and stylish thing to hook onto your belt loop. Pick one up in your choice of material at the Kickstarter link below.

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Handgrey H4 Titanium Carabiner

I don’t care how dope your keychain setup is. Sure, you might have your keys in order, and your bases covered with keychain-sized backup tools. But to EDC a truly dialed keychain, you can’t neglect the hardware. Cheap, flimsy carabiners run the risk of losing your keys. They can be unwieldy when you try to actually put your keychain tools to use, too. The Handgrey H4 looks and functions how an EDC carabiner should, with its precise titanium construction and quick-release design.

Writing off the H4 as simply a carabiner that happens to be titanium wouldn’t do it justice—its original design is as functional as it is aesthetically appealing. The bottom section of the H4 leaves room for a modular system, meaning you can slip on separate split rings with keys or gear as needed. When closed, the carabiner gate securely blocks your gear from detaching. Compared to a traditional design, the gate pivot on the H4 sits further into the frame. This gives you enough clearance when you open it to conveniently remove your gear individually, letting you use them freely without needing extra quick release clips and hardware.

Both the gate and carabiner frame are EDM wire cut with impeccable precision from grade 5 titanium, resulting in an elegantly rugged interpretation of an everyday staple. If you’re looking for a solid, minimal way to take your keychain game to the next level, check out the Handgrey H4 at the link below.

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The Tin Mill Link Carabiners

Carabiners can be a surprisingly useful addition to your daily carry (especially if you tend to lose your keys), but they're often cheaply made, which can make them unattractive and prone to jamming or breaking. The Tin Mill seeks to solve these problems with their stylish line of Link carabiners. While most carabiners are likely to be made from bent aluminum wire, the Link is made entirely from stainless steel and features a classic bead-blasted finish. The Link also comes in four sizes, from just over an inch and a half long (the Mini) to just under three and a half inches long (the Giant), which is sure to please both minimalists and those who want to carry more. With several successful products under their belt, The Tin Mill is poised to produce a good looking and well designed product that would make an excellent addition to your EDC. Back the project on Kickstarter before it ends and you'll receive free shipping on your reward.

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The Tactical Trio

With over 24 functions across 3 tools in his 9th Kickstarter project, Jeff Morin's Tactical Trio takes the EDC mantra of “the right tool for the job” seriously. Rather than taking an all-in-one, jack of all trades approach, the tools—designated Alpha, Bravo, and Tango—instead differ by their primary functions. The Alpha is the tip of the spear, angled in a wedge and ending in drivers and a nail puller. The Bravo's longer and narrower frame positions itself as a better ruler and scraper. The Tango is the smallest of the three, making it the most compact addition to your keychain. Each tool features a full titanium construction, a bottle opener, and carry options in the integrated carabiner or keychain slot. The only task this trio won’t make easier is choosing which one to add to your EDC from their Kickstarter campaign below.

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