Cross Peerless TrackR Pen

"Cross has a strong history of vast accomplishment and innovation. Peerless 125 is the finest pen that they have ever devised, and with it being designed to celebrate their rich heritage, its not hard to see why its so prevalent. The sophisticated pens come in two colours, carbon black and quartz blue, both beautifully finished with a lacquer and chrome appointments. Now, with Bluetooth technology, the TrackR app, and..." (via GearHungry)

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My Everyday Carry

Motorola Droid RAZR HD
Jawbone BT HD
iPod Nano 16GB
Spyderco Creditcard Knife
Aluminum card wallet

w/ money clip
Ralph Lauren Polo lanyard
8GB thumb drive
Cross mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen
Bertucci field watch

I travel a lot, so the knife can’t make it with me as much as I love it, but the everything else is invaluable: I have much, much more, but that kit is reserved the Zombie apocalypse! 

My Everyday Carry

Black leather wallet my wife made and put my initials on.
Cross Tech3 Pen
LionSteel SR-1A knife
Home/Truck keys
Cu Maratac AAA
Atwood RB Wrunt
USN tag and Corter Leather bottle hook
Jade buddha head

Burnley Cypop

I have found a system that works great for me!  Not much changes from day to day except when i’m going to work I add a field notes pad.

When I think of LionSteel, I picture massive blade stock and belly, and boy do we have an excellent example of that here. Aside from the Italians’ claims of ‘fixed-blade strength’ with their RotoBlock system, the SR-1A is truly both a work of art and a functional piece of craftsmanship of the high end carry variety.

Although I typically try to avoid adding excessive weight to my system, there’s something to be said about a folder employing a good chunk of German D2 tool steel. The authoritative ‘snap’ as you deploy the blade, the aggressive and functional jimping, perfect lock-up, and strong deep carry pocket clip, it all comes together in an extremely high quality package that I believe to be one of the great high end carry modern Italian blades. I’d really like to see more LionSteel in the pockets of brave souls.

I’m glad you’ve found your system and appreciate your taste in folders. Thanks for submitting.

My Everyday Carry

submitted by beyadika

Here is the typical load out for me:
-Fallkniven U1 Slipjoint knife, smooth bone handle, 3G steel
-Keys with Photon light and Alox Swisschamp
-Notebook, Lamy Fountain Pen, Cross Rollerball pen, and 0.5mm Pentel Pencil
-Seiko skx007 on  leather strap
-Vagabond Traveler Leather Wallet
-Fenix LD10, great single AA flashlight

Editor’s Note: Nice, full loadout. I can see you have multiple tools (pens especially) for specific tasks. The redundancy here also serves to add extra versatility, which is great if you have no problems carrying a little more. I like the Fallkniven, it’s a great gentleman’s knife. I’m not sure if it would fit, but you could try replacing the little lanyard on it with some paracord (gutted if necessary) as that would likely still be stronger/more durable and multipurpose than the thread you’ve got on it currently. I like the simple single piece of hardware to keep your keys together, and your minimal but practical keychain tools. The SKX007 is a classic and it looks good on the leather. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

Cross Classic Century

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Ball point pen with chrome appointments provides smooth, consistent ink flow
Patented propel-repel ball pen mechanism
Trademark conical tip
Manufacturer's lifetime...

Cross Click Gel Ink Pen, Classic Black (AT0625-2)

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Smooth flowing Gel Ink technology
A modern design update to our Classic icon
New easy to use "Click" mechanism - first of its kind by Cross!
Stylish colors combined...

Cross Tech2

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Replaceable stylus top;Narrow 6mm precision stylus;Compatible with most capacitive touch screen devices;Offers greater accuracy for writing, line and detail work especially for...

Cross Gold Pen

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Gold filled ball-point pen and .07mm pencil set provide superior writing performance and classically elegant style
10-karat gold filled
Patented propel-repel ball pen...

Cross Multi-Function Pen

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The screw off stylus hides a handy eraser;Continuous twist technology makes cycling through your options easy;Stylus, ballpoint in black and red; 0.5mm pencil;Stylus: A conductive...

Cross Edge Jet Black Gel Pen

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Capless gel ink pen technology. Versatile writer accepts both gel and jumbo ballpoint Cross refills.
Features a patented click-and-slide mechanism.
Encased in stylish...

GP-851 Cross Calais Pen

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Cross Slim Bifold Wallet

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Includes 8 credit card slots
2 slip in compartments.
Genuine Leather Wallet...

Franklin Covey Bristol Mini Journal Ballpoint Pen

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Exceptional quality; compact, classic style (4")
Ideal size pen for journals, checkbooks, etc
Franklin Covey Pens ship in Premium Self Serve Packaging; Tamper Proof...

Cross Autocross AC197-9

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The New Men's Autocross Leather wallets sport details and features you can bank on. Supple full-grain pebbled leather with signature perforated detailing
Classic colors for...

Cross Limited Edition Diamond Cut Crosshatch Groom's Men Tuxedo Pen

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* Specially formulated Cross ink flows flawlessly for a superior writing experience
Distinctive Crosshatch...