Dango D01 Bifold Slate Grey Edition

If you’re tired of your bulky bifold wallet, there are plenty of thin cardholders you can get to slim down your pockets. The problem is they usually require you to leave a few cards at home or give up carrying cash all together. That’s where Dango's best-selling D01 Dapper Bifold comes in. It stays thin, light, and strong thanks to its aluminum frame while offering tons of storage with its bifold section made of genuine leather. And now available in a cool Slate Grey Special Edition color, the D01 Bifold carries everything you need and looks good doing it.

Holding the Dango D01 Bifold together is the CNC-machined aluminum frame that weighs in at only around 2 ounces. It’s light enough that it won’t weigh you down but tough enough that it doubles as a bottle opener so you can enjoy a cold one after a long day. The entire aluminum chassis is then wrapped in leather, giving you 3 pockets that can hold up to 4 cards per pocket for a total of 12 cards. The bifold pocket section is made from an exclusive Raw Hide leather with contrast red stitching that's only available on this special edition colorway. You’ll also get a quick access pocket on the outside for your most used cards or ID, and then two more pockets along the inside for cards that you don’t use often but still don’t want to be without.

If you tend to carry cash the Dango D01 Bifold has you covered there too. It comes with a textured silicone band for strapping folded bills down until you need them. As it is, the D01 Bifold is a thin, minimal wallet for people who want to slim down their pockets but can't deal with a thin cardholder. But if you can spare a bit of pocket space and weight for a ton of added utility, it's also compatible with Dango's card-sized multi-tools like the MT02 and brand new MT03. The MT02 adds 14 other tools to your EDC including a box cutter, flathead, and can opener just to name a few, while the MT03 covers bases with specialized functions like a comb, camping fork, and money clip.

The Slate Grey special edition D01 Bifold has all the features you look for in a wallet and then some, and now has a slick minimal grey look to it too. Plus, it's handcrafted in the USA and built to last. If you or someone you know suffers from a bulky wallet, click the link below and check out the Dango D01 Bifold.

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Dango D01 Dapper Bifold Wallet

Choosing to EDC a minimalist wallet doesn't have to mean carrying fewer cards. With the right design and materials, your wallet can keep things slim while carrying everything you need it to. Dango's latest wallet, the D01 Bifold, gets the job done by combining a slim aluminum frame with a top-grain leather bifold section. The result is a luxurious yet durable high-capacity wallet that keeps a low profile bringing you the EDC-focused features you'd want for your cash and cards.

The D01 Bifold starts with Dango's original D01's CNC-machined aluminum chassis as the centerpiece of the wallet. It adds structure and rigidity without much weight. New to the Bifold version is a 3-pocket top-grain leather piece that's bolted to the frame using milspec hardware. With the bifold section, the D01 ups the capacity to 12 cards across its 4 pockets. You can store 3 in the quick-access outer pocket that features thumb cutouts for easy retrieval with the push of your thumb. You can fit 3 more in the bifold section's internal pocket, 3 on the bifold's rear leather pocket, and another 3 in the internal metal cavity of the aluminum chassis itself. The metal section offers RFID protection while the externally facing pockets grant easy access and allow for contactless payment, giving you both security and convenience at the register. The D01 Bifold also accommodates folded cash and other overflow under its rugged silicone strap.

Aside from the upped capacity, the D01 Bifold offers a slew of features you'd expect from Dango: a built-in bottle opener, compatibility with their MT02 card multi-tool, TSA-compliance, and made-in-the-USA build quality. You can choose a D01 Bifold in three color options: black and silver, brown and silver, and a military-inspired moss green leather on a slate grey frame at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Dango Products.