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We're in for a high-tech Timepiece Thursday with the Garmin Instinct trending this week. This ruggedized smartwatch leverages Garmin's trusted GPS/GLONASS technology to make it one of the go-to options for adventurous EDCers. Its fiber-reinforced polymer case can withstand extreme temperatures, shock, and water to 100 meters, likely going toe-to-toe with the rest of your gear in terms of durability. In addition to its outdoor-ready build and excellent navigation tech, the Garmin Instinct also packs several fitness tracking tools to keep you on top of your goals. And because it can also integrate with your smartphone, it's useful for day-to-day communication and keeping connected. Last but not least, it comes in a variety of colorways to match your EDC and intended use cases, including a stealthy all-black version for a tactical carry as well as a sporty, high-vis red option as a workout watch. Check out the Instinct and its full list of features and color options at the link below.

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Garmin Instinct

Whether your daily travels take you out in the field or right into the urban hustle and bustle, you'll need a watch that you can depend on through it all. And while keeping accurate track of time is essential for any watch, modern everyday carry watches can do so much more. Take the new Garmin Instinct for example, a built-tough watch that integrates Garmin's superior GPS technology to help you keep track of where you are and what you're doing even in the roughest of environments. Its fitness tracking modes help you optimize your activities to reach your goals, while built-in smartphone integration keeps you connected and on top of your daily routine.

Unlike some smartwatches with delicate electronics that can break at the first sign of trouble, the Garmin Instinct is built rugged. Its casing is made out of fiber-reinforced polymer, and it's built to US military standard 810G for thermal-, shock-, and water-resistance down to 100 meters. That all-conditions reliability extends to its geolocation abilities, with Garmin's trust GPS/GLONASS technology ensuring you can keep track of where you are and where you are going just about anywhere in the world. But even if you don't plan on going out on mountain trails and hikes with this watch, the integrated fitness tracking tools make the Instinct a star in the urban environment as well. Whether you ride, run, or swim, the Garmin Instinct can keep track of your preferred form of exercise and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep track of your progress in reaching your fitness goals.

The Garmin Instinct is more than just an everyday carry watch. It's a useful and reliable tool that can keep up with the pace of your life, wherever you go. It's available in three different colorways including a dark graphite black, an off-white snow tundra, and a stand-out flame red that's both stylishly bold for casual wear and highly visible for the outdoors. Take a look and pick one up for yourself at the link below.

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