5 New Traditional Gent's Knives to EDC in 2019

Compared to EDC knives of today, a more traditional gent's knife take things slowly. It's a statement piece in your everyday carry with a considered design that often lets you carry it places where you couldn't otherwise. They usually don't fling open without second thought, instead demanding a deliberate mindfulness and purpose with every use. That especially analogue experience, combined with handsome timeless styling comes with the added benefit of not drawing as much negative attention as your typical tactical folder. Luckily, knifemakers recognize the value of the gent's knife and have reimagined these antique designs today, often with better materials and more modern features. In this guide, we'll show you five of our favorite picks from this category as we continue onward this year.

10 Modern Gent's Knives to EDC in 2019

When it comes to carrying a classy everyday carry knife, a gent's knife exudes class without sacrificing the usefulness of carrying a blade in the first place. Not only do gent's knives look good, but they can also be carried in more formal occasions where a large, tactical knife would be out of place. However, because many of these knives look like something your grandfather would have carried decades ago, they also use outdated technology and materials that belong in that timeframe as well. Luckily modern knife manufacturers are putting their own design chops to work with relevant takes on the gentleman's knife, with the features and materials you've come to expect out of the rest of your high-performance everyday carry. Since these “modern gent's” knives are becoming so popular, finding the right one for your EDC can be daunting. To help you out, we've laid out 10 of our favorite recent modern gent's knife designs for you to consider in this round-up.

10 Classic Gentleman's Knives

Your EDC knife says a lot about you. And while any standard everyday carry knife can get the job done, chances are it'll raise some eyebrows and awkward questions depending on when and where you use it. That's why carrying something that can fly under the radar is often a good idea. A tactical folder probably isn't the best fit for this, especially when you need to dress up a bit for the occasion. What you want is something your coworkers won't bat an eye at. Something that looks as sharp as it cuts. That something, for a lot of EDCers, is a gent's knife. Thankfully, there's a wide variety to choose from when it comes to gent's knives. In this guide, we'll focus on 10 of the more “old school” options with traditional designs and timeless charm.