5 Best New Key Organizers in 2019

For the modern, urban-dwelling EDCer, there are a few essentials that are, at minimum, always present in one's pockets: a phone, a wallet, and keys. But until you can unlock your front door, open your mailbox, start your car, or secure a safe with your phone or cards, those keys are always going to be an unfortunate part of your EDC. You could toss 'em in your pocket, but the resulting jumble of metal just isn't comfortable. And dangling them from your belt loop works, but it's not the most secure nor quiet way to go about it. So, what's the best way to carry your keys?

Thankfully, that's a question many brands have been working hard to answer, leaving us with plenty of great solutions for key organization. With a solid key organizer, you can turn your messy, jangly keychain into something you can be proud of—just like the rest of your gear. Below are our picks for the latest and greatest ways to keep your keys in check this year, so it's easier than ever to step up your organization game while also matching it perfectly with the rest of your EDC.