Everyday Carry


EDC Keychain [A Guide for Beginners]

Your keychain is one of the most critical parts of your everyday carry. That's obviously because your keys are essential for you to get in and out of places, and that's even more true if you own a car or motorcycle. But exactly how you carry your keys can provide added value for your daily adventures. Adding accessories like carabiners, tools, and DIY electronics to your keychain makes them easy to access and always available. It's essential to find the right mix of EDC keychain accessories that help you do your daily tasks without being so bulky. This guide seeks to help you find your way.

What does the term everyday carry mean?

At its core, everyday carry refers to the gear you choose to carry with you daily. Everyday carry, or EDC for short, also represents a mindset of picking the right carry gear for the job.

Types of EDC Keychains

  • Carabiner - a carabiner keychain goes above a standard key ring split ring. Carabiner keychains make it easy to reconfigure your keychain. All you have to do is open the swing gate. Titanium carabiners can also help you attach your keychain EDC gear to your pants belt loops or gear for retention. Some carabiners, especially titanium keychain accessories, can handle higher weight than standard key clips.
  • Keycase or key holder- Key cases enclose your EDC keys in a sandwich-style enclosure that eliminates the rattle of the keys as they hit each other in your pockets when carried loosely.
  • Lanyards - lanyards help you quickly pull your keychain out of your pockets. Lanyards also let you wear your keys around your neck for rapid access when you need them.
  • Pen - mini ball pens that fit on your keychain ensure you always have a backup writing instrument on hand when you need to sign a receipt or take down a quick note.
  • Flashlight - EDC keychain flashlights give you a surprising amount of light power in a compact package that's useful when trying to find a keyhole in the dark. Stobe modes also let you handle a self-defense situation in a pinch.
  • Bottle opener - the venerable bottle opener always has a welcome place on any EDC keychain, even the most minimalist. You notice the lack of a bottle opener when it's time to open a bottle, and no one has one on them.
  • Phone charger - sometimes, having a backup USB power cable or a small battery pack on your keychain is very helpful. It can ensure you have enough emergency power to call for help in a pinch.
  • Pocket Knife - a compact keychain knife like a Leatherman let you carry an edged tool discreetly and ensures you have one around if you forget your primary EDC knife at home.
  • EDC Multi-tool - a compact keychain multitool gadget on your keychain can significantly expand your EDC's versatility. A multitool lets you carry many tools and functions like a pry bar, flathead screwdriver, hex wrench, or glass breaker in a single item.
  • AirTag - the Apple AirTag is one of the best ways to keep track of your keys when you lose them. If you aren't an Apple iPhone user, there are alternative Bluetooth-based item trackers like Tile that you can opt for instead.

How to select the best EDC keychain for your needs

  • Follow your interests - add only the tools and accessories to your keychain that you need and that interest you. If you look at a list of recommended EDC keychains and supplements and their features that don't make sense to you, pick something else.
  • Durability - keychain accessories will do little good for your EDC if they break easily. Your keys are some of the most beat-up items in your everyday carry.
  • Size and weight - the size of items you add to your EDC keychain are vital to ensure it's manageable for you to bring along daily.

What are the advantages of the EDC approach to my daily belongings?

  • Preparedness and self-reliance - a core tenet of EDC is being prepared to handle everyday tasks without needing to ask for help. Adding something as simple as a bottle opener to your EDC keychain can turn you from the person asking everyone for a valuable tool to the one offering its use to everyone who forgot to bring one to a party.
  • Personal expression - the keychain you pick and the accessories you use say a lot about who you are, and you can pick the ones that perform and look the most to your liking
  • Longterm savings - picking quality EDC keychains and tools means you won't have to cycle through lots of cheap items that don't do the work you actually need
  • Convenience - It is very convenient to have the right tools for the job anytime you need them.


What are the best EDC keychains?

What is an EDC keychain?

An EDC keychain is a keychain you bring with you every day. The key chain can be unique, with features and tools in and of itself. It also comprises the tools and accessories put on your EDC keychain.

What should I carry on my keychain?

Aside from your house and car keys, the door is wide open. A bottle opener is a good start. You can also add a flashlight and a multitool to get going.

How can I stop my keys from jingling?

A keycase or holder is one of the best ways to stop your keys from jingling. These EDC items store your keys together, removing the possibility of crashing against each other in your pockets as you move.

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