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KeySmart Leather

Like wallets, your keychain tends to get bulkier over time as you continue to add to it. Before you know it you’re carrying a jingling mass of keys that are both loud and uncomfortable. If that sounds like you, you should consider something like the KeySmart Leather. It takes all the features that made the original KeySmart such a useful essential and wraps it in a gorgeous new genuine leather, giving it a refined look and a comfortable feel.

The KeySmart Leather lets you swap your mess of keys out for a stylish, sleek, and minimal key organizer. Throwing your keys on a carabiner or in your pocket works, but you're left to deal with uncomfortable pocket bulge, noisy jingling, and dead weight. The KeySmart Leather solves all of those issues in one fell swoop thanks to a clever two-post-and-plate design. You carry up to 10 keys end to end, resulting in a quiet, functional keyset that's roughly the size of a pack of gum.

Getting to the key you need is as simple as locating it and swinging it around the post. And because the KeySmart Leather is able to accommodate all your existing keys you won’t need to get any new ones cut. Each KeySmart comes with a small loop for pairing your car key fob or bulkier items you still want on your keychain. But for a more seamless solution, you can probably find a replacement that integrates into the KeySmart like a USB drive, Nano Torch Flashlight, pocket knife, and of course a bottle opener.

If you haven’t had the chance to try out a key organizer in the past, the KeySmart is an EDC classic. You can convert your carabiner full of keys into a functional and modern tool that won’t look out of place whether you’re out around town or in the office. The premium leather adds a touch of style that was missing from the previous models and it comes in a black or tan colors to match your EDC. Check out this new leather upgrade on Amazon at the link below.

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KeySmart Duct-Ling

Whether you're reinforcing your gear, performing quick fixes around the house, or field repairing your clothes and equipment, nothing comes close to the versatility of duct tape. The problem is, duct tape comes in bulky rolls that are anything but convenient to carry. You know KeySmart for their ability to compact a disorganized keychain into a sleek package fit for an EDC, and with the Duct-Ling, they've figured out duct tape, too.

While there have been attempts at making duct tape easy to carry—like wrapping it around a card or pen—the Duct-Ling keeps it simple, as the most effective things are. It's a machined stainless steel cylinder with smooth, raised ends that keep the tape in place and neatly wrapped. These ends let the Duct-Ling sit alongside your other essentials without fear of damaging them, and a keychain hole on the top let you attach the Duct-Ling as you see fit to your keychain, bag, or a suspension hook.

It's got enough room to hold about 1.5 feet of tape, which is plenty for emergency patch or repair jobs. And thanks to its stainless steel construction, you can reuse the Duct-Ling for a lifetime, letting you make the most out of those huge duct tape rolls you're forced to leave in your emergency kit or toolbox.

Stick to the simple solution for carrying one of the most useful adhesives you can have in your kit. Pick up the Duct-Ling from Amazon at the link below.

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KeySmart Pro + Tile

Being the savvy EDCers you are, you most likely have your keychain on lock thanks to a key organizer. But that doesn't mean that some days the savvy runs out and you still somehow manage to misplace your keys. Fortunately, the team at KeySmart continue to innovate their key organizer with the help of the popular tracking device, Tile. Together they've integrated high-tech features into the KeySmart Pro for an all-in-one EDC package that not only manages your keys but elevates their usefulness with some pretty smart features, too.

The KeySmart you know and love is still at the heart of the Pro. It uses the same familiar system with two locking bolts to hold up to 14 keys or combination of tools within its frame. This frame holds the key to the Pro's new features. It integrates Tile's smart location feature that pairs with its smartphone app to give you two-way positioning of both your KeySmart and phone. By pressing the Tile button on the KeySmart it makes your misplaced phone ring even on silent, and conversely the app lets you locate the KeySmart on a map, even having it play a tune to make it even easier to find.

Smart location isn't the only new feature added to the Pro. The Tile integration gives the KeySmart added space to fit in an LED flashlight and micro USB charging port for even more utility. Thanks to cables and chargers you may already have, it's easy to recharge the KeySmart Pro, topping it up for up to 3 months per charge.

With the KeySmart Pro, your keychain has never been smarter or easier to find. Pick one up at the link below.

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KeySmart Rugged Extended Key Holder

Nobody likes pocket jangle, and its main culprit are usually your keys. When loose in your pocket they make noise, uncomfortable bulges, and even scratches on the other gear next to them. KeySmart's pocket key organizers have been solving this problem for a while, and you may have seen them in the many other EDCs on the site.

This version adds a few features to manage your keys even better. At its core is the KeySmart Rugged Extended base model, allowing you to fit and deploy 2-4 keys. As its name suggests, it's a tougher version of the original KeySmart, with a thicker build for added durability and a slightly larger frame to fit international keys. You'll need it when using its expansion pack that lets your add up to 14 keys to the pile. This KeySmart also includes a removable pocket clip to complement its keychain loop bottle opener.

Ready to manage that mess of keys in your pockets? Pick up the KeySmart Rugged Extended key holder in three colors at the Amazon link below.

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KeySmart Nano Tools

When it comes to your EDC keychain, KeySmart knows a thing or two (their key holder remains one of the most carried keychains on this site). This time around, they’re aiming to add even more utility to your keychain with their trio of one-piece Nano Tools. The Nano Wrench packs a full set of hex wrenches and a flathead screwdriver at its tip. For turning other screws, the Nano Socket fits a standard bit in two orientations. Lastly, the Nano Ruler gives you a measuring rule and straight edge for precision work. All three tools are made of heat treated stainless steel, built to last on your keyring. Pick up the whole set of three on sale from our online shop at the link below.


KeySmart 2.0 Extended

Your keychain is a great place to start adding more tools to your everyday carry, but as soon as you start mixing multiple keys, a flashlight, multitool, and other gear, it can get out of hand. The KeySmart 2.0 transforms your mess of keys into a sleek, portable solution in a way traditional keychains can’t. It works by sandwiching your keys between an aluminum frame and allows them to swivel out as needed (think swiss army knife for your keys). It’s changed the game for so many EDCers here, making it the most carried key organizer on the site. We’ve spent plenty of time with the KeySmart ourselves—check out our review on it here. If you’re looking to clean up and quiet down your keys, pick one up from our store via the button below. To sweeten the deal, enter the coupon code “DOORBUSTER” for an additional 15% off.


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