Made in the USA EDC Gear

As the United States turns 242 years old today, it's a good reminder that some of the best quality gear you can get is made right here in the states. In this round-up we're highlighting gear made in the USA from crowd favorite brands as well as smaller makers you might not have heard of. Whether you’re looking for a notebook to write in, a new pocketknife, or just a water bottle to stay hydrated this summer, there’s a little bit of everything here.

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8 Made in the USA EDC Essentials

It’s America’s birthday, and we wanted to celebrate by highlighting some of our favorite gear that’s made in the USA. We’ve picked out a range of gear that’s traditional, tactical, and everything in between. There’s a solid EDC knife, buy-it-for-life pen, some summer-inspired notebooks to write on, a bag to put it all in, and more. If you want more American-made gear in your EDC, check out these essentials.

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8 EDC Essentials Made in the USA

Happy 4th, EDCers. To celebrate, we’re highlighting some of our favorite EDC gear, all made in the USA. Whether you want some festive essentials to make your carry a bit more patriotic or you just want to support local businesses, there's something in this guide for you. We've rounded up a nice mix of classic American gear as well as a products from new, up-and-coming brands here in the states. Check 'em out…