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1×4 Technician’s Pocket Screwdriver

"CountyComm’s pen-sized screwdriver is the perfect addition to your EDC pack. The compact aluminum tool has two interchangeable bits which provide two sizes of phillips and flathead drivers. The cap has a neodymium magnet built in to..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Maratac Peanut LED Flashlight

We talk about small flashlights a lot here on the site, and for good reason—they're arguably the best thing to add to your EDC to up your flashlight game. They're easy to carry, stay out of your way, but always up to the task the moment the sun goes down. And when it comes to flashlights tough enough to survive the rigors of your day, Maratac knows their stuff, no matter the size. With their manufacturing prowess and experience they've built their smallest, most powerful light yet, and the Peanut LED flashlight is ready to brighten up your day from the smallest of spaces.

With how small the Peanut is, it's a remarkable engineering feat to make the most of its compact space. Its 1.29” length is able to fit in a Cree XP-G2 S4 LED, a 70mAh 10180 battery, and a tailcap with a split ring. Said tailcap even thoughtfully integrates a design where the split ring sits flush with the base, letting the Peanut tailstand as a candle. And while the 10180 battery is uncommon, you can easily recharge it by swapping the light's LED head with one that has a built-in micro USB port (included with the kit), letting you top up when needed with a power bank or wall adapter.

Its power is anything but candlelike, however. The combination of its LED and battery allows a dual output of either 12 lumens for up to 6 hours, or an impressive 145 lumens for up to 25 minutes, controlled with a twisty mechanism. An orange peel reflector in its head creates a smooth, even beam, making the light ideal for general EDC tasks. The Peanut is also IPX7-rated against the elements, and with its stainless steel construction, it's a light that's sure to last.

With thoughtful design, robust construction, and surprising power from a light the size of an actual peanut Maratac's got the compact powerhouse to add to any EDC. Pick up the complete Peanut kit from the Amazon link below.

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Maratac Technician's Screwdriver

CountyComm’s pen-sized screwdriver is the perfect addition to your EDC pack. The compact aluminum tool has two interchangeable bits which provide two sizes of phillips and flat-head drivers. The cap has a neodymium magnet built in to lift items up to 8oz… (via TheAwesomer)

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10 Copper Essentials to Put Patina in Your Everyday Carry

Adding gear made of copper to your EDC is a great way to add luster to your loadout. Like a good pair of leather boots, copper only gets better with time and use, developing a personalized patina that tells the story of your experiences. As one of the denser tool materials, it adds a nice heft to your gear, giving a solid feel when used. Copper's material properties allow better heat dissipation for tools like flashlights or electronics, keeping them cool and safe from damage while running. Needless to say, it's also one of the most beautiful and unique metals you can find on everyday items.

We've put together ten of the coolest copper products on the market, so check out our list below to find one to color up your carry.

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Maratac AAA Ti

EDCers in the know highly recommend Maratac's AAA flashlights as some of the best in the business. These pocket-friendly torches get updated with modern features and desirable materials like brass and copper, but many enthusiasts have held out for a titanium version. Due to overwhelming demand (to the tune of 60,000 requests), the Maratac AAA is finally available in 6AL4V grade 5 titanium. This makes a good light even better by taking advantage of titanium's lighter weight, corrosion resistance, and strength-to-weight ratio. The AAA Ti also comes with the most recent features of Maratac's line, including the latest XP-G2 R5 emitter (138 lumens up to 70 minutes), a new orange peel reflector, and glow-in-the-dark accessories. This refresh doesn’t stop at its materials, either. Maratac strengthened the pocket clip and resequenced the modes to start at a more usable 40 lumen Medium. The AAA Ti won't stick around for long in its limited initial production run—so pick up the latest and greatest light from Maratac at the link below while you still can.

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Maratac AA

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Length: 2.99" Diameter: .70" LED Type: Cree R-3 with a life span up to 50,000 hours. The reflector is aluminum alloy. Flashlight body is made of aircraft grade aluminum covered wit

Maratac Pilot

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Maratac EDC Toolkit

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Maratac Torqkey Screwdriver

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Maratac Gate Clip

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Maratac GPT-1

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