Redwood Watches

For a no-frills timepiece where form follows function, strap a field watch on your wrist. For one with a more modern feel and a bit of an outdoorsy spirit, check out the new Redwood Watches. They’re highly customizable with a total of 56 different face and strap configurations, but their key features remain the same. For starters, it declutters its dial with a blend of larger arabic numerals and minimalist markers for the hours. Next, the stainless steel case resists water to depths of 50m and hits a versatile 40mm size to fit well on any wrist. Lastly, both watch faces feature glow-in-the-dark coating for nighttime legibility (while the white dial gets the full-face lume treatment). This rugged companion for your daily adventures actually comes with a sub-$100 price tag, so it'll be tempting to pick up more than just one at their Kickstarter campaign below.

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The Best Military Watches Under $100 for EDC

Watches are an integral part of many everyday carry setups. Beyond their primary use of telling time, they’re also a reflection the wearer’s personality and style. These watches have rich historical appeal as they were made for and worn in the field by infantry, Special Forces, and WWII pilots. Nowadays, military style watches are popular amongst the EDC community for their features, legibility, durability, and aesthetic. They go hand in hand with tactical gear you might already be carrying, but can easily be dressed down due to their timeless designs. In this guide, we’ll show you our recommendations for good looking, rugged watches that won’t break the bank.